Cosy corner


Danielle’s aloe vera plant is growing beautifully in its new pot, an upcycled olive oil container.  This looks like the perfect cosy corner to read a book or listen to a podcast on a cold winter Sunday!  Thanks Danielle for the lovely photo:)


Flowering time

Federica flower

When Federica returned from her amazing trip in South Africa, where she enjoyed seeing elephants, penguins and lots of other wildlife, her Christmas Cactus had prepared a surprise to welcome her home.

Federica was so kind to send me this beautiful picture of her Christmas Cactus’ yearly bloom:) Grazie!

Bathing in the sunlight


Victor was kind enough to share this lovely picture of how much his beautiful Jade has grown from enjoying the sunshine in its new home. Thanks so much Victor!

Happy Peperomia

DSC_5499This week Mirena sent me some cool pictures of her Peperomia ‘Happy Bean’ which is growing like crazy and rocking the windowsill in its colourful pot!! Thanks so much for the photos:)

Aloe vera love


 Marejke sent me this lovely picture of her home and her aloe vera perfectly settled in it’s new environment that looks like it belongs in a design magazine.  I love the colours! Thanks for the photo:)

Peperomia happy bean and a friend

Nina sent me these pictures of her Peperomia happy bean which is thriving, along with it’s friend, a pepper plant that emerged spontaneously from the compost. The plants enjoy a lovely view of Amsterdam’s city lights!

Thanks Nina for the pictures!

Greetings from Leiden

Yesterday I received these two beautiful pictures from Leiden from my friend Eva with-the-impossible-surname;)  Eva and her Madagascar jewel are settling in wonderfully in the tiny pink house just opposite the Frisian bakery (which sells amazing cakes).
Thank you for sending these pictures my way!IMG-20160329-WA0002

Deep green in Oost

I received an update from Oost, where Anne’s Madagascar Jewel has found its element and is thriving!

Thank you for sending the photos, I love to see so many deep green leaves growing:)

Hula-hoop proof

A while back, Elisa sent me this photo of her Christmas Cactus and Jade looking great in their cosy new habitat! IMG-20151023-WA0000

I heard that the Christmas Cactus has since been partially decapitated in an unfortunate hula-hooping incident – but luckily it is recovering quickly and still growing strong!
Thanks for the pic Elisa:)

Plants with a view

I’m super happy to see these two plants in their lovely new home. They’ve upgraded to an apartment with a canal view and live music! Not bad;)

Thanks so much Eva vdZ for the pics!