Come sit with me


If I had half an hour with you on this beautiful bench this is most probably what I would talk about…

How I had a lovely relaxed weekend, enjoying some precious down time in the sunny city and  strolling through the flowery streets of Amsterdam Zuid to try and capture the heavy rose blooms and the atmosphere with my camera…

How I had fun concocting creative plans with a friend over a delicious hazelnut iced coffee served with a sustainable metal straw (@Slowth Brunch: you guys rock!!!).

How it was a weekend of pizza making with Paolo (not even this heat will deter us from cranking the oven up to 240 degrees so we can eat some tasty homemade pizza;).

Pizza dinner



After a long day, full of meetings at work, I came home with a bad headache. Luckily we had planned to make pizza for dinner.  I don’t know if it was the fact that I was concentrated on chopping the veggies and cheese, as well as rolling out the dough for the pizza, or simply the pleasure of eating it, but my headache disappeared and I felt a hundred times better by the time we finished:)


Full disclosure:  the second pizza may or may not have landed on the kitchen floor right after this picture was taken… however I swiftly applied the well-tested 3-second rule and it was delicious all the same!

A big shout out to Simona B. who shared her pizza making skills with me a few months ago. The dough was perfect!