Sidewalk treasure


Yesterday in between two rain showers I went for a quick wander to get some fresh air, and I came across these beautiful yellow flowers, a lone stem left on the sidewalk by some recycling bins.  Sure, the leaves were a bit wilted, but apart from that the blooms were still in great shape. Look at that multitude of gorgeous, tiny petals! So I took them home and popped them into a small vase.  I felt so lucky to have found them and it totally made my day:) They are the perfect splash of colour to lighten up the kitchen in these dreary winter evenings.

Flowering time

Federica flower

When Federica returned from her amazing trip in South Africa, where she enjoyed seeing elephants, penguins and lots of other wildlife, her Christmas Cactus had prepared a surprise to welcome her home.

Federica was so kind to send me this beautiful picture of her Christmas Cactus’ yearly bloom:) Grazie!

Bathing in the sunlight


Victor was kind enough to share this lovely picture of how much his beautiful Jade has grown from enjoying the sunshine in its new home. Thanks so much Victor!

Happy Peperomia

DSC_5499This week Mirena sent me some cool pictures of her Peperomia ‘Happy Bean’ which is growing like crazy and rocking the windowsill in its colourful pot!! Thanks so much for the photos:)

Jade in purple pot – 8€


Wonderful Jade plant in a purple pot

Total height: 20 cm

Diameter pot: 12 cm

Care: very easy, a little water once a week

For more info email me at simplycultivatingjoy [at]

Peperomia happy bean and a friend

Nina sent me these pictures of her Peperomia happy bean which is thriving, along with it’s friend, a pepper plant that emerged spontaneously from the compost. The plants enjoy a lovely view of Amsterdam’s city lights!

Thanks Nina for the pictures!

Festive blooms



Christmas cactus season is upon us again! Every year in December my Christmas cactuses start growing pink buds on the end of their leaves that grow slightly bigger each day…  Then, usually just before Christmas, the flower blooms wildly, spreading its petals in all directions for a few days of extravagant beauty. It’s a nice touch of colour in these short winter days:)


[Sold] Peperomia ‘Happy bean’ – multi-coloured pot


Total height: 40 cm
Diameter pot: 13 cm

Peperomia Ferreyrae ‘Happy bean’ has leaves that look like green beans.

Care: very easy, let the soil dry out before watering again


For more info email me at simplycultivatingjoy [at]

Spider plant – terracotta pot – 10€


Spider plant (Botanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum)

Total height: 34 cm
Width pot: 22 cm

Care: very easy, a little water once a week.

This spider plant hangs to one side, perfect to place on the top of a shelf where its leaves will grow downwards.

BONUS: This plant is not only beautiful, it will improve the air quality in the room it is placed in as it is very efficient at removing formaldehyde from the air.


For more info email me at simplycultivatingjoy [at]

[Sold] Aloe vera – black pot


Total height: 36 cm
Pot: 13cm

Care: very easy, a little water once a week
Grows for years.

For more info email me at simplycultivatingjoy [at]