Beautiful balconies and windowsills – 5


Sao Jorge, Madeira

Ok, so I admit this is neither a balcony nor a windowsill, but I feel this breathtaking collection of succulents overlooking the ocean still kind of fits the topic;-)

(It was very hard not to seem like a stalker while attempting to take decent pictures of the plants through the metal fence of the property, while the owner sat on her deckchair a few meters away).

While I’m away…

Not only do I love spotting plants who dig their roots into cracks in the sidewalk or holes in walls, I also feel the same passion for luscious green urban balconies, stoops and windowsills overflowing with plants and succulents. (I’ve already mentionned it here before:).


Tomorrow I’m heading to Madeira for 2 weeks holiday (YAY!) So as I’ll be far from the internet, I scheduled some posts from next week featuring pictures I dug up from my archives.  I hope those beautiful balconies and windowsills spotted during my travels will bring you as much simple joy as they bring me:)  (and in the meantime hopefully I will discover some more while exploring Madeira!)

My dream greenhouse


On my very first day of walking, heading out of Bayonne, I stopped to see the Sand Cemetery in Anglet, which was recommended by my pilgrim hosts the night before. The cemetery was original, but what really caught my eye were 2 long buildings on either side of the entrance of the cemetery which were full of succulents!!


The plants were really well tended to and there were all sorts of different species. I tried to get in to take a closer look but unfortunately the doors were locked… so I could only sneak a few pictures through the bars of the windows. These pictures don’t really do justice to what a beautiful sight it was:)


‘Having a green house to grow my succulents’ is on my dream list (as ‘walking the Camino’ was for many years), so I took stumbling upon my dream greenhouse on my first day as a good omen for my trip;)


A stroll through Monti


I was lucky to be in Rome for the first days of Spring and you could really feel the winter was over. Budding trees were blooming everywhere, it was warm enough not to wear a coat and I couldn’t get enough of the feeling of the southern sun on my skin after months of cold in Amsterdam.

My boyfriend took me for a stroll in one of his favorite neighbourhoods called Monti. It was fun to explore this quiet part of the city, hidden just behind the loud bustling avenues and tourist hotspots.


As we explored paved side streets and steep alley-ways, around every corner we would come across mini gardens in the street, succulents on window sills and plants hanging (sometimes quite dangerously) from the shutters.  I love how people manage to carve themselves a corner of green no matter where they live.


Plants with a view

I’m super happy to see these two plants in their lovely new home. They’ve upgraded to an apartment with a canal view and live music! Not bad;)

Thanks so much Eva vdZ for the pics!

Coming soon


Friday I had a quiet day off work and could spend the morning transfering the baby plants into new pots. I will let them acclimatise for a few weeks and then they will be ready for new homes. I love the new colours below.


Beautiful succulents for plant lovers!!

I cultivate these gorgeous succulents with lots of love and the rich compost that I collect from my worm bin. The plants are all grown and cared for in my living room and I chose the pots that I think suit each one best.

Need some green in your house? These are the perfect companions to brighten up a corner or decorate a windowsill as they thrive and grow

Are you looking for a gift? Potted plants make wonderful presents as the person receving them will be reminded of you as they watch their succulent grow. This is a really personal present that lasts and evolves.

These plants are really easy to take care of and can easily be left during your holidays.

plants on windowsill cropped