Beautiful balconies and windowsills – 8


Fourqueux, France

I don’t know if this really qualifies as a windowsill, but I love how these branches stretch out from behind this stone wall, curious and unafraid of what is on the other side.

Beautiful balconies and windowsills – 7


London, UK

Someone did a great job of creating a bushy green jungle to look at from their basement flat!

While I’m away…

Not only do I love spotting plants who dig their roots into cracks in the sidewalk or holes in walls, I also feel the same passion for luscious green urban balconies, stoops and windowsills overflowing with plants and succulents. (I’ve already mentionned it here before:).


Tomorrow I’m heading to Madeira for 2 weeks holiday (YAY!) So as I’ll be far from the internet, I scheduled some posts from next week featuring pictures I dug up from my archives.  I hope those beautiful balconies and windowsills spotted during my travels will bring you as much simple joy as they bring me:)  (and in the meantime hopefully I will discover some more while exploring Madeira!)