Rooftop yoga



On Tuesday I got up a little earlier than usual to join a yoga session organised by a colleague on the rooftop of our office before starting work. I count this as one of my favorite yoga lessons of all times! It was wonderful to be outdoors in the sunshine, overlooking the city, and I entered my work day feeling so much more relaxed and grounded than usual.

As our office is just next to Amsterdam Central station, our rooftop is not the quietest of locations, but actually the screeching of the train brakes on the railway tracks and the sound of traffic driving below contributed to the unique atmosphere.  The nudge of the gentle breeze helped me to push through the discomfort of the downward-facing dogs,  and it was pure pleasure to feel the sun warming my skin as we stretched.

While in warrior pose, focussing on the horizon over the the river Ij towards the North and then looking over rooftops and church spires towards the South, I felt intense gratitude that I get to live in this beautiful city.

Taking time to relax


Blue monday has now passed and this week the ice freezing on the trees was so beautiful.  So why the sun flower? I guess I just feel like seeing some warm colours – and because with my painfully freezing fingers I unfortunately didn’t manage to make a decent picture to post here of those amazing pointy icicles on the branches 😉 .

This week I’m very grateful for a fun yoga session organised by a colleague in a meeting room after work. We spent a wonderful hour stretching, keeping our muscles warm, going through the movements and practicing our balance.  It was great to just take some time for myself after a busy work day in order to breathe, stretch and get out of my head.