Joyful gratitude


One of my favorite writers, Brene Brown, describes in her book Daring Greatly how joy and gratitude are closely linked. What stood out for me in what she explains is how joy comes in the ordinary moments, when we are present enough to see it, and how being grateful for what we have is a way to tune into joy rather than focussing on scarcity and what we feel is missing.

I’ve been meaning to start a regular gratitude practice for a long time. So JOYFUL GRATITUDE is a series for myself, to highlight the little things that bring me joy. I consider it an experiment, as I always feel drawn to writing what I need the most. I’m wondering if I can carve this joyful groove into my nervous system, so that it becomes second nature and I can tap into it whenever needed.

4 thoughts on “Joyful gratitude

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