Lovely listening


For me the cold winter months are the perfect time to stay indoors, in a state of semi-hibernation, living vicariously through podcasts about other people’s lives:)

Here are some of the thought-provoking podcasts I’ve been enjoying a lot lately. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Good Life Project Radio
Jonathan Fields alternates short 10 minute riffs on different life themes and 1 hour in-depth personal conversations with guests from all horizons. There is so much wisdom in these recordings.
Some of my favorites: The Truth About Luck, Orly Wahba, Elizabeth Gilbert, Tiffany Dufu

Lea Thau is a beautiful story teller, many of these true stories have me crying and laughing at the same time.
Some of my favorites:  Alaska Bingo, The Waxing Virgin, the Love hurts episodes
Side hustle school
In a totally different genre,  Chris Guillebeau’s daily podcast is only about 7 minutes long and it presents lots of wonderful tips and tricks to get your business ideas up and running, without quitting your day job. I love that all the examples are really specific and concrete, with actionable suggestions.

Happy listening!

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