Inspiration?? Where are you?


It is Sunday night, I’ve promised myself that I’m going to write something for the blog before the end of the weekend, but I just don’t feel inspired. Arghhh. My critical voice is loudly questioning the point of writing this blog in the first place.

Most books on creativity emphasise the importance of showing up, doing the work and pushing through to the other side. That’s what I’ve been focussing on, making sure I post regularly, even if it is just a few lines or a picture I’m not entirely happy with. But sometimes it feels so tempting to do something passive instead of trying to come up with what to write. Little voices tell me I could just as well tune in to a podcast, dive into a book or watch a series, that those things would be so much easier.

So anyway this is me turning up tonight, getting something down on the page, and here’s hoping that in a few days, fresh new inspiration will find its way to me:)

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