Napping as an act of resistance



So glad that it is the end of the year and I realise how extremely lucky I am to have two full weeks off work during which I get to visit my family in France and Paolo’s family in Italy.  My simple plan is to rest and recharge my batteries.

No packed schedule, no zooming around from one place to another to see as many people as possible…  I want to feel ease and deep peace in these quiet days, as my body is still craving rest. Apart from a few social occasions, the only thing I have scheduled are regular and decadent naps.  I love how the Nap Ministry reframes any negative ideas about naps and opens our eyes to how they are actually an act of healing and of resistance rolled into one:-) Since viewing daytime sleeping like this,  I’m even more dedicated to becoming a nap activist!!  I’m off to have one now actually:) Ciao!

5 thoughts on “Napping as an act of resistance

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