Lunch time walks



At the moment the days are so short that it’s dark when I arrive at work early in the morning, and night has already fallen by the time I get on my bike to cycle home from the office. So the only way to stock up on precious vitamine D is to go for a quick walk after eating lunch.

I’m lucky that my office is just next to the beautiful Westerdok which is very sunny in the early afternoon, so I regularly go there during my lunch break, usually with one or a few colleagues to chat with on the way.

I love looking at all the colourful houseboats and imagining what it’s like to live in them. When it’s sunny, it’s wonderful, obviously. But I try and head out even if it’s rainy because it always feels great to stretch my legs and be away from the computer, and after getting some fresh air I can focus so much better in the afternooon.



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