Following the spark of curiosity



In August last year when I was on the edge or in burnout, everything felt like too much. I wanted to do fun things that interested me,  but I just had no mental space for anything except the bare minimum (which was pretty much only work). I realised this week that in the last months I’m starting to find more joy again in extra activities, like boxing, and helping colleagues who are performing the gender scan in our organisation, and of course writing…

I want to stop and appreciate how far I’ve come and how much better I feel, especially since there were moments when I deeply feared I would never feel like I had energy again. It’s not perfect, I still experience nights where I lie awake too long or anxious mornings, but I feel like by being more mindful of self-care, I’ve managed to carve out some space for the things that I enjoy or spark my curiosity. These activities do take some energy, but in return they also give me satisfaction and a feeling of contributing with my input and voice to a slightly lighter and more joyful world.

2 thoughts on “Following the spark of curiosity

  1. So happy to read this! So proud of you.
    I sometimes forget how grateful I am I can do more things now, I feel much less tired, I can go to a crowded concert, plan more things again without being overwhelmed… Now that anxiety comes, it is still a very intense feeling but it usually stays there only for a bit and leaves again…it is not hanging above me non-stop for days as it used to…
    Thank you you for reminding me of that!

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    • Yes, as you say, it is a real relief to be able to trust that the anxiety will pass. Just knowing that and having a few basic tools to deal with it helps so much! Thanks for dropping by:-) Hugs!!


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