Magic hour blossoms


Every day lately I’ve been walking past the trees covered in stunning blossoms just around the corner from my apartment. Each time I make a mental note to take a closer look at their beauty before they all fall down to form a colourful carpet at the foot of the trees.


Today after dinner I went for a digestive walk and finally remembered to bring my camera with me. I caught the very last rays of sunshine before it dipped behind the buildings on the other side of the canal.  The sheer number of them is breathtaking and I enjoyed watching them sway in the wind.  I also love how the petals are a darker pink on the outside compared to the lighter coloured inside.

3 thoughts on “Magic hour blossoms

  1. I’ve been enjoying daily walks and appreciating the flower blossoms too. It rained over the weekend so the petal carpet on the ground is nearly complete, but I so appreciate that I got to enjoy the flowers from budding to falling.❤ I usually go on morning walks though, so maybe next time I can try to catch the magic hour.

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  2. Your photos look absolutely amazing and so does spring blossoms. We have relatives living in Amsterdam and every year they send us lots of photos of how it looks! We should have been in Amsterdam by now and it’s gonna take a little while to get over it. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva


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