Half-up half-down



I am grateful for people who plant flowers in public places for all passers-by to enjoy.  Yesterday during my evening walk I came across scores of these purple and white flowers, billowing out from improvised pots in front of a corrugated iron warehouse.   They’ve been pummeled by the recent rain we’ve been having and are in different stages of withering which to me adds to their beauty.


I was particularly drawn to the flower pictured below, which looks like an accurate illustration of how I feel in these days of confinement, half-up half-down. Both optimistic and overwhelmed, hopeful and afraid, full of good intentions and struggling to get started, aware of my privilege and self-centered, happy to simply get through the day and thinking I should be ‘doing more’, glad to connect with people and fatigued by video calls…  I’m doing my best to remember that all these contrasting feelings are allowed co-exist and making space for them by being kind to myself rather than judgemental.


6 thoughts on “Half-up half-down

  1. I think that’s how I feel these days too! There’s just too much uncertainty and we are about to find out in which direction Ireland is going. Our lockdown ends on Monday, but the future doesn’t look bright, the numbers are still high and it might be extended further. Fingers crossed we’ll be out of this mess soon. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    • Hi Aiva, I hope the end of lock-down goes as smoothly as can be. Let’s all take small steps to make the future more aligned with a regenerative vision of the world 🙂 Take good care and thanks as always for dropping by<3

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    • Hi! That’s a good question. I don’t know what they’re called… Maybe some other reader knows?? I’ve been enjoying your pictures of your early morning walks and lovely flowers and landscapes! How are the morning pages going?:-)


      • I’ve become more curious and attentive to the flowers and plants around me on my walks, so I wondered what those purple beauties might be. I’m happy to share my part of this Earth with others, so glad you’re enjoying! Morning pages are going well I think! Just finishing up week 2 today! Thank you for asking!! ♡

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