Cold fingers, warm feet


Lately I am trying to walk at least ten thousands steps a day in an effort to move just a bit more. Even when the weather is grey and cold, I lace up my boots, pull on several jumpers, wrap myself in my warm scarf and beanie and head out, motivating myself to wander a bit further than I may otherwise.

Today when I reached the forest I left the paved road and focused on just one task, trying not to slip on the muddy path. It was the perfect way to connect with each step and be in the moment. On a drier part of the path, I spotted a multitude of yellow catkins, flashes of colour in the bare undergrowth. They swayed lightly in the chilly wind, my fingers getting more and more frozen as I did my best to look for a pleasing composition.

On the way back, I was captivated by how the light shone through this mushroom, playing with the intriguing shapes. I experimented for a while, trying to capture those translucent effects despite the luminosity. By the time I got home, even if my fingers ached with cold in my gloves, my feet were warm and I felt energised.

9 thoughts on “Cold fingers, warm feet

  1. That’s an amazing photo of the mushroom. I had the same experience as you in the forest, very cold hands but I got some nice photos of an icy puddle (you can see them in my Silent Sunday post if you like). It’s great to get out whatever the weather, and then you find unexpected treasures 🙂

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  2. Love this snapshot of your day. I find being out in nature so grounding – and you’re right about muddy paths forcing you to be in the moment and pay attention to each step! 😅 Thank you for sharing.🙏

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  3. Good for you – I’m still not walking as much as I was before winter, nowhere near, but I’m starting to get out more often, which is good. It’s good to see your post – love the catkins, and what a strange mushroom!!

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