100 weeks of JOYFUL GRATITUDE!


Today marks 100 consecutive weeks of JOYFUL GRATITUDE! I want to celebrate this milestone and I am particularly grateful today to the people who read this blog and share their thoughts and experiences with me. Thanks so much!

Time flies! I created this series nearly 2 years ago to practise bringing my attention more to what brings me joy and what I am grateful for.  It’s been so much fun each week to look back and choose one thing, among the many things I am have to be grateful for, to write about.  It’s now a collection of snapshots of wonderful moments.  Curious? You can find all the posts here.

Last year I wrote about my findings after 12 months of JOYFUL GRATITUDE.  In 1 month’s time I will analyse the results of this past year in the same way to see if any new trends have appeared:-)  In the meantime, Paolo and I will be celebrating 100 weeks of joyful gratitude with some tasty Scottish whisky tonight! Cheers!

Let me know, what are you feeling grateful for today? 🙂


11 thoughts on “100 weeks of JOYFUL GRATITUDE!

  1. Hello Fanny
    I am very greateful for the sunny day we spent today in Giverny visiting Monet’s garden like every fall and discovering Henry Cross’s postimpressionism paintings with two girlfriends and Walter. Lunch on a sunny and flowery terrace was lovely and gave me a sensation of well being and shared friendship…

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      • Today I am grateful for the perfect weather which allowed me to go and pick little red apples in the garden with my special tool, a long stick with a basket at the end to reach the top leaves which I cannot reach. The harvest is plentyful and we are going to prepare lots of pies, compotes and crumbles!!
        What about you today?
        Love Mum

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      • That tool sounds awesome! So glad you could reach the delicious apples hiding at the top! Wish I was there to enjoy the result of your harvest;-) Today we had a wonderful afternoon with Helena and two of our anthropologist friends, eating tasty food, drinking coffee and talking about all sorts of interesting things ❤


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